Design sustainable!

Put sustainability at the center of design

Agile product design with manufacturability from the start

Making design changes to a product becomes exponentially more expensive the later on in the development process they occur. Often the first time the manufacturability of a component is considered is when it needs to be made, at which point even minor changes can cascade and result in costly and time-consuming redesigns.

By using Rafinex’s Manufacturability Analysis software, you can quickly and easily get manufacturability feedback early on in the concept stage, avoiding painful change requests.

Designing products right the first time and every time

Ensuring that all features of your component are easily reachable is key for conventional manufacturing process such as casting and CNC machining.

Rafinex’s Manufacturability Analysis software immediately flags problematic features, such as undercuts or impossible to access faces, so that they can be fixed at the design stage.

A variety of challenging geometric features such undercuts, double curvatures and high-rate thickness gradient are detected.

Automatically compute your stock material

For a range of manufacturing processes such as CNC and casting, computational geometry algorithms automatically compute candidates for the casting pre-cursor stock that is needed to manufacture the component. This immediately allows to quantify and thus reduce loss of material during production.

Given a final component, undercuts are automatically highlighted.
A casting Pre-Cursor Tock is automatically generated to estimate loss of material and tooling costs.

Save machining time by reducing costly setup operations

Save machining time by reducing the number of costly setup operations and part rotations. Our technology can calculate the minimum number of orientations required to machine a part, allowing you to choose the cheapest manufacturing process.

Automatic detection of CNC and casting directions.
Automatic generation of toolpath strategies for cycle time reduction.

Our software can visualise real CNC toolpaths and show what features in the geometry are expensive to machine, giving the designer detailed insight about the cost of each feature.