Rafinex helps high-value manufacturing industries with dedicated analysis and optimization algorithms.


Spiralling pressure for new designs delivered faster and cheaper makes agile engineering vital to get ahead of the market.

Combine early manufacturability analysis with our advanced topology optimization tool to amplify innovation whilst staying on time and on budget.


Demands absolute reliability, top performance and higher-rate manufacturing.

Enter stochastic topology optimization with manufacturability constraints, to ensure these expectations are met by robust designs which are fit for reality.


High-value manufacturing is a high-performance industry.

From optimizing for linear inertia to enabling more rapid cooling of tools, our dedicated topology optimizers design performant components to increase daily yield by over 10% with reduced energy needs.

Consumer Electronics

As new high performance materials hit the consumer electronics market, the cost of developing an innovative design must be balanced with manufacturability and costscalable cost.

Our next-generation of special-objective topology optimizers enable designers to exploit new design spaces while keeping products manufacturable and unit costs in check.