DeepTech for Kimchi and Chickensoup

08 November 2021

The Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne and Singapore is providing for many years an annual ranking of global competitiveness and digitalization. And – among others – many nations considered highly industrialized are not making it into the Top10. The World Digital Competitiveness (WDC) analyzes and ranks the countries’ ability to adopt and explore digital technologies based on data collected on enterprise level (whether private or state owned) and defines the digital competitiveness per three main factors:
Knowledge, Technology and Future readiness.
Taiwan and Korea are scoring exceptionally high and are renowned for their continuous eagerness to challenge the status quo and to remain curious and open towards true innovation. Rafinex is making some initial succesful efforts to expose our technology to these markets: JEC 2021 & TechChickenSoup