Möbius - Optimize Robust Topologies

Our cutting-edge Stochastic Topology Optimizer enables optimizing designs earlier than ever, creating more robust performent parts and, going to market with more innovative products faster.

Innovate with Möbius!

Get superior performance at minimal weight

Stochastic optimisation algorithms ensure your designs are formally robust and fit for any reality.

Anticipating real-life variability effects makes your designs more resilient and durable because they do not exhibit stress hot spots when deployed in the field.

When Möbius is applied early in the process, it imminently makes you find the non-critical path throughout the engineering process. You get an optimization foundation with a resilient, intrinsic capacity for incremental changes.
Leverage Möbius optimization from the concept phase onwards will boost your time-to-market and your speed of innovation by a factor! Being first in a market may represent 7-8digit profits easily.

Work it fast!

Unmatched impact for engineering

Work it faster! See how iterations become a matter of minutes between Engineering and Design!
The way our optimization solution works is easy: get yourself a browser, access Rafinex Möbius on the Cloud and get going.
Möbius is delivered as SaaS with efficient computation on state-of-the-art core architecture. Adaptive local mesh refinement technology, our extremely efficient optimization algorithms and the smoothened high fidelity output gets you up to speed.
With fast and intuitive workflows, you achieve an effective synchronous integration between design & engineering with dozens of component parts per day. This rapid revisioning reduces uncoordinated work, avoids rework and saves third-party outsourcing.

Lighten Up!

Improve your weight | performance ratio

Improve the weight-performance ratio of your designs thanks to stochastic assessment technology.
Möbius detects systematically where your system components can be weight reduced to uphold performance. Based on a detailed structural performance assessment, the stochastic analyser will identify and localize potentials for reducing raw material and manufacturing time.
Möbius guarantees to save costs on raw material sourcing up to 5% and manufacturing costs allowing for competitiveness and growth of market share.

Grasp the uncertainty!

Design confidently to the limit

Safety first! Our stochastics remove the safety factor guesswork!
Adding a safety factor to your design will inevitably add weight and potentially deteriorate performance. The trick is to know where the safety factors will actually create non-contributing, obsolete structures.
Möbius macthes your safety requirements precisely with a design resilient to excessive energies beyond the foreseen operational means. Local gradients will be largely homogenous indicating a minimised failure risk. By creating a smart topology in anticipation of the respective localized effects of the safety factors, critical designs can be formed to be safe and yet be light to increase your payload capacity by 5% and more.

Design sustainable!

Put sustainability at the center of design

Get a life! Make your work sustainable and maximize your product life!
By creating a truly robust design, the performance range of your products will bear more buffer capacity. With this the optimized topology will live longer as it will be more resilient towards local extreme conditions over time.
Möbius will yield robust and durable designs which are engineered for a maximum life cycle avoiding up to 10% excess maintenance or vehicle replacement costs. And Möbius allows you to effectively leverage optimization from the concept phase onwards to boost your time-to-market and your speed of innovation by a large factor.